PDSL provides vast services in engineering sectors such as Product Design which includes Design capability, Concept design capability and Detailed design capability, Optimization and Re-design, Engineering Analysis etc


Product Design & Development by CAD/CAE

Design Capability

PDSL provides engineering services across the entire spectrum of CAD and CAE. It strives to provide clients with services spanning all facets of product development, starting with concept design, right through to the entire design lifecycle.

PDSL has both technology and CAD/CAE/CAM tools expertise, and has the necessary infrastructure to quickly and effectively support its customer’s needs, thereby significantly reducing the turn-around time.

PDSL has highly skilled resources, hailing from a wide spectrum of industries like aerospace and general engineering. PDSL ensures reduced design costs and cycle time without compromising on the quality by adopting industry’s best practices, well established quality process and also by constantly assessing and improving its processes and quality systems through quality certifications to be instead with changing market trends and business scenarios.

Concept Design Capability

With customer’s first-cut inputs on a) design intent, b) product requirements and functionalities, and c) products’ specifications, PDSL can suggest options for product configuration while taking into account the cost and manufacturing constraints if any.
Detailed Design Capability

PDSL detailed design capability provide optimum design taking into account the cost, functionalities, the strength & stiffness, design, manufacturing and serviceability constraints. The final drawings and models will be created as per design standards pre-specified by the customer.

Key deliverables: BOM, CNC Models, Lofts, Manufacturing Drawings, Material, Weight & CG, Strength Report, Assembly and Installation drawings – Handed and unhanded parts.

Design Optimization / Redesign services

For products that have already been designed, PDSL provides the service of identification of mode of failure, design optimization based upon design constraints, re-design for cost reductions and for changes in the manufacturing process. Optimization is carried out
using multi-disciplinary as well as multi- level approaches by harnessing PDSL expertise in design and analysis.


Engineering Analysis

PDSL’s analysis capability is backed by a team of qualified and experienced analysts. The latter have the competency in employing hand-calculations approach and in the numerical way of Finite Element analysis, thereby reaping the inherent benefits from both methods for the benefit of the customer. PDSL’s engineers can address the problem in the first-time-right manner to meet the customers’ exact needs. Its engineers are adept in using CAE tools such as MSC Patran and Nastran, Ansys Classic & Workbench, Hypermesh, MathCAD, ESDU Data sheets, etc., for meshing the models and for analysis purposes.

FE Modeling and Analysis

PDSL can provide complete support in the area of preprocessing, which includes, high quality mesh generation for all types of components to suit analysis needs. Appropriate mesh will be generated based on the structural feature, type of analysis, load path, or to meet customer specific requirements. PDSL can also provide its services in the creation of FE mesh for specialized needs such as Macro Generation for load application, Sandwich mesh generation for components which have zone transitioning from thin to thick, and so on.

Detail Stress Analysis

After obtaining the overall loads, detail stress analysis is carried out using FEM/Classical Engineering Methods depending on the type of component to be analyzed. Analysis is carried out for various loads using linear, non-linear, buckling, contact analysis techniques, etc. to obtain sectional strength, fatigue life and buckling stress. Stress, strain, deformation, Margins of Safety, Reserve factor, etc. are derived. If required, the corrective design exercise can be carried out wherever negative margins/excessive deformation were noticed. The final documentation is provided in a format required by the customer.

Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis

PDSL has expertise in carrying out the Fatigue and Damage Tolerance analysis through hand calculations (with in-house and software supplied by the clients) as well as FE tools like MSC Nastran, etc. It has capability of predicting the full fatigue life of a new component with necessary inspection intervals and the residual life of the in-service components. PDSL can design fatigue modifications necessary to get the desired life on damaged aircraft components.

Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic analysis includes estimation of fundamental natural frequencies of structures. Evaluation of Dynamic response under the influence of various time-dependent loads such as random vibration, harmonic, shock and other transient dynamic analysis such as bird impact and crash analysis can be carried out.

Thermal Analysis

Estimation of temperature distribution, heat flux, heat flows etc. for steady and transient conditions, of heat transfer problems such as conduction, convection and radiation can be addressed.


Electrical & Infotainment Capability

PDSL has evolved into the field of custom electrical infotainment testing domain since 2014. Our expert team has taken part in multi level rig testing in infotainment areas connecting Human machine interface devices like TFT Clusters, IP/ICP Screens, Rotary Control Displays, Head Up Displays & In car Entertainment.

We simplify the firmware and software updates on OEM devices. We are experienced in developing bespoke CAN Analyser looped simulator to match the requirements of the test rigs for complex application logics dealing with large amounts of data and transactions.
We are able to supply you with an innovative, trustworthy simulation device bespoke built to match the needs, talk to us.

PDSL doesn’t lock you into a long term contract or force you to do everything with us. We do what you need and you can cancel at any time, pilot projects are always welcome.

Automotive Technologies

• CAN: Controller Area Network
• MOST: Media Oriented Systems Transport
• LIN: Local Interconnect Network
• Ethernet
• FlexRay
• DoIP

Automotive Tools

• Vehicle Spy
• OptoLyzer
• Wire Shark
• Diagnostic Tools
• Bluetooth

Automotive Capabilities

• Python scripting
• Matlab modelling/ Labview
• Vehicle log analysis ( CAN,MOST, LIN, Ethernet, DoIP)
• Design- CAN- MOST system
• System Knowledge: DAB, TV, Head Unit, Navigation, Satellite Radio, Rear Seat Entertainment
• Requirements Capturing
• Design & Verification Plan
• Verification & Validation

Embedded Systems

• Arduino, Raspberry PI, GHI FEZ, Texas Instruments
• Embedded C, C#, C++,.Net
• Communication: I2C, UART,SPI, One wire, Ethernet



PDSL Design has expanded its capability into the studio services from early stages of the concept creation to the digitisation of the data.
Actively involved in prestigious projects of automotive OEMs both in commercial and premium sectors.
We believe in simple approach for cracking complex problems, our engineers have expertise in styling approach start from input study to Delivery approvals.

Input study/ Sharp Model generation – Review/ Comments / Approval
Class A Surfacing/ QC With ICEM Standard Tools/ Assembly verifications – delivery & Approval

PDSL doesn’t lock you into a long term contract or force you to do everything with us. We do what you need and you can cancel at any time, pilot projects are always welcome.


• Sketches to class A model
• Scan to class A model
• CAS to class A model
• NURBS to class A model


• Sketches to CAS model
• Curves to CAS model
• Modification in old model to new CAS Model
• Environment data as reference for CAS model


• Scan to quick surfacing model
• Modification in old model for quick review surfacing
• Curves to quick surfacing model
• NURBS model to quick surfacing model


Technical Publications (Product based)

We at Pragmatic Design Solution Limited offer technical publication as a stand-alone service, as part of an overall product-engineering project, or as a complete package. Technical Publications provides content for functional, operational, maintenance, and assembly and disassembly aspects of a component, system, subsystem or an assembly.
It is aimed at user groups such as operators, shop floor technicians, and engineers.

It comprehends:

• Catalogues: Illustrated parts catalogue, illustrated parts list
• Bulletins: Engineering change, service bulletins, maintenance directives, etc.
• Technical manuals: Cleaning, inspection and repair; structural repair; component maintenance manual; engine manual; operations manual; safety manual; etc.

How We Can Help

• End-to-end ownership of manual authoring, from content gathering to publication.The most common standard for topic-based writing is called DITA, but there are of course others. The standards not only help us to control the module’s structure, but also how they link to each other. The result is information that is both consistent and reusable. As a user, you get a safe experience where you can quickly find exactly the information you need, at the same time as you recognise the formulations and set-up. Reuse also means that we can cut translation costs and delivery times.
• We also ensure that the information is designed to comply with the laws, rules and various safety aspects, such as the Machinery Directive, which is the current EU standard for the health and safety requirements of machinery.
• An experienced team with multi-industry and multidiscipline domain expertise
• We offer technical publication services for companies working in many different industries every day, who develop products including:
o Industrial robots
o Dialysis machines
o Rock drills
o Pick up Trucks / Earth Movers / Lorries
o Passenger cars
o Welding equipment
o Packaging machines
o Machinery Directive
o Special purpose Machines
o Bespoke Electronic/ Electrical kits
o Software solutions
o Mobile phones / Computers

• Dedicated authoring team with expertise in various aspects of technical repair writing, service bulletins, engine manual writing, and CMMs across multiple industries
• Proficient with tools such as Arbortext Editor (SGML and XML), Adobe Frame Maker, MS Word, Page Maker, and Quick Silver.
• Ability to incorporate industry best practices by drawing upon our diversified business portfolio.



The capability to provide reliable visual verification gradually becomes the necessity not only within the automotive industry but for almost any consumer product development. Evolving from the automation of testing and production processes, vision systems are now an important part of research and PDSL contribution is constantly growing

During infotainment system development user functionality has to be specified and simulated. This helps to resolve many functional issues months before the first prototype vehicle is built and significantly improves overall development process. Our Simulation Engineers are responsible for driving forward innovative tools and methods used to develop infotainment systems of the future, PDSL provides excellent service through applications like GLStudio



Our web development Engineers are united by an unwaivering passion for quality. Its a team of developers, designers, strategists passionately pursuing the cutting edge of mobile apps.
We like to work on “product driven” (an app that does something) projects rather than “campaign driven” (an app that sells something). We build website and apps that are innovating, game changing, functional, beautiful and above all – useful. We bill hourly and we only handle the part of the project that you need us to. PDSL doesn’t lock you into a long term contract or force you to do everything with us. We do what you need and you can cancel at any time.



PDSL has been working in the field of custom software development since 2012. Our expert team has taken part in dozens of application development projects. We are experienced in developing advanced systems with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. We are able to supply you with an innovative, trustworthy software solution to complement your most complicated business ideas.

Application Services

• Application Development
Custom application development tailored to the client’s specific business requirements. We deliver rich internet applications combining our solid cross-domain experience, technological expertise and an established development methodology.
• Application Migration and Porting
Our migration services include porting applications to a new technology platform, database and server porting, data migration, standalone-to-web migration of legacy applications.
• Application Reengineering and Enhancement
We provide reverse engineering of existing systems to understand their business functionality and technical architecture and introduce new/enhanced business logic and improved performance.
• Application Audit and Testing
Independent software audit and testing of your web application including code reviews, functionality-to-requirements verification, GUI usability and HTML standards compliance testing and performance/security/stability testing.
• Application Maintenance
Our web application maintenance and support services are aimed at ensuring stable and uninterrupted operation of your business system. The services include problems analysis, resolution and application enhancement.

Technical Expertise

PDSL specialists use up-to-date technologies and latest industry trends to deliver technically complex and yet easy-to-use solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio.

Business-oriented Solutions

Our seasoned technical and project management team will guide you from a business idea to implementation of a cost effective software solution. We will deliver a valuable business tool specially designed to serve the specific needs of your business:

• Enable effective management of online business including customer service, inventory, supply chain management, procurement, etc.
• Generate additional sales by building a lasting profitable relationship with the clien through a more responsive customer service
• Facilitate direct communication with customers, vendors, suppliers and employees
• Reduce resource requirements and operating costs through business processes automation.



Our Test Engineers support every aspect of the vehicle system integration including: test planning, creating robust design verification methods and maintaining test platforms. With component and system level testing on rigs, lab-cars and prototype vehicles still being the focus of the manual testing process, test automation becomes an inevitable part of the quality and reliability assurance.

Quality assurance and testing are extremely crucial in the software development cycle and should be introduced at the earliest stage of the project.

The dedicated Quality Assurance Department at PDSL uses a wide range of comprehensive testing methods and tools to ensure that we deliver only the highest quality solutions. PDSL QA specialists have expertise in multiple technologies, platforms and standards. Our experience in domains embraces such areas as websites and advanced web portals, complex internet applications and client-server software.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

• Functional and Regression Testing
• GUI and Usability Testing
• Accessibility Testing
• Compatibility Testing
• Performance Testing
• Installation/Configuration Testing
• System/Integration Testing
• Security Testing
• Internationalization/Localization Testing
• User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Software QA Consulting

• Full Lifecycle Process Improvement
• QA Process Consulting
• Test Strategy Elaboration and Management



As a business owner, you will have planned and prepared for success and have a clear idea of how to achieve your objectives and goals.  You are probably uncertain about exactly how well your business will grow, what challenges you will face and indeed what issues you will need to identify, understand and tackle over the coming year.

Guidance on structures, business planning and funding for commercial or voluntary sector organisations. Advice, business mentoring and signposting services for entrepreneurs and community groups. Workshops on related topics such as Business Planning and Marketing for local senior managers. Promotion of products, Identifying new business opportunities by any means necessary, working closely with other members of the team to generate/win deals. Day to day support to follow up new business opportunities and setting up meetings. Strategy to establish and maintaining key relationships.

It is a proven fact that a new business owner who has ongoing advisory support and continues to learn and develop is much more likely to be successful. To support you throughout your business growth, BDS has several important offerings including post-start support, an annual business review, strategic reviews with a clear action plan, advice and guidance to those who may be thinking about going self-employed, based at local Work Clubs, South Staffordshire College and JobCentre Plus.